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Content-Area Strategies Science, Grades 5-6

Content-Area Strategies Science, Grades 5-6
In any content area, successful students communicate effectively. They have mastered the relevant vocabulary, reading, and writing skills. With these skills, your students can move on to greater proficiency and confidence in any topic of study.

Content-Area Strategies brings this approach directly to innovative language arts, science, mathematics, and social studies texts. Each volume includes separate units on vocabulary, reading, and writing developed and targeted especially for that content: science students read passages about science, mathematics students study vocabulary covered in math classes, and so forth.

Each of the vocabulary, reading, and writing units in turn is divided into lessons that lay out clear, logical steps for completing assignments. You’ll also find graphic organizers, glossaries and definitions, and assessment rubrics for measuring progress.

Content-Area Strategies: Science
Common science terms; strategies for interpreting scientific texts; common scientific writing patterns

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Grade Level 5 - 6
Pages 158
Format Description Reproducible Teacher Book
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