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CCSS Integrated Pathway Math I Student Workbook

CCSS Integrated Pathway Math I Student Workbook
The CCSS IP Mathematics I Student Workbook(SWB-SP) with Scaffolded Practice complements our CCSS IP Mathematics I Teacher Resources which have demonstrated 100% alignment to the Common Core State Standards.

The SWB-SP includes all of the student pages from the Teacher Resource necessary for day-to-day classroom instruction. This includes:

  • 65 Warm-Ups
  • 65 Problem-Based Tasks
  • 65 sets of 10 Practice Problems (650 total)
  • 48 Station Activity Worksheets

In addition, it provides 260 Scaffolded Guided Practice examples that parallel the examples in the TRB and SRB. This supports:

  • Students taking notes during class
  • Students working problems for preview or additional practice
  • Teachers using TRB or PPT Instruction to review Guided Practice

The workbook includes the first Guided Practice example with step-by-step prompts for solving, and the remaining Guided Practice examples without prompts, available for various instruction and practice options.

The workbook is printed on perforated paper to facilitate submission of assignments and three-hole punched to allow for storage in a binder.

Student Workbooks with Scaffolded Practice save hours of teacher time and an estimated $10 in copying expenses per student, ensure that students have the materials that they need, and provide an additional, flexible instructional resource.

Available for purchase by districts, schools and teachers by purchase order or by phone. Volume discounts may be available - please call (800) 341-6094 for quote.

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ISBN13 978-0-8251-7412-4
Grade Level 9
Pages 996
Format Description Soft-cover Workbook
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