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CCSS IP Support Supplements for Math I and II

Each collection of Support Supplements addresses the prerequisite skills necessary for success in Math I and II and recommends instructional strategies to support struggling students. The pre-requisites have been identified and described in terms of Elementary (Grade 3-5) or Middle School (Grade 6-8) standards from the CCSS, or standards from prior course.

These resources may be used in Support, Special Education or ELL classes, in Math Labs or RTI programs, or for individuals or groups requiring additional support. Student workbooks are available to reduce copying time and expense and allow students to keep worksheets organized.

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For each lesson, materials to address the middle school pre-requisites which may require instruction, remediation or refreshing include:

  • standards, essential questions, words to know, recommended resources, and common errors and misconceptions
  • key concepts, guided practice, scaffolded practice and PPT instruction with applets
  • problem based tasks with optional coaching questions
  • practice problems

When prerequisite skills are required again in subsequent lessons, an additional guided practice example and 3 practice problems will be included, along with a reference to the place where the topic is addressed more fully.

The Support Supplement also includes an Appendix comprised of brief lessons addressing each of the Elementary (Grades 3-5) Pre-Requisites. Throughout the lessons, these are designated as E-Skills with page references to the appendix.

In addition to the instructional resources for prerequisites, each lesson will include Supplemental Instructional Strategies for teaching the targeted content of the corresponding Math I or II lesson including suggestions for:

  • Using Graphic Organizers and Manipulatives
  • Encouraging Discourse
  • Supporting English Language Learners
  • Addressing Common Errors and Misconceptions

Ordering Information

CCSS IP Math I Support Teacher Resource 978-0-8251-7914-3 1,278 pages $695.00/Teacher
CCSS IP Math I Support Student Workbook 978-0-8251-7930-3 1,068 pages $25.00/Student
CCSS IP Math II Support Teacher Resource 978-0-8251-7915-0 1,832 pages $695.00/Teacher
CCSS IP Math II Support Student Workbook 978-0-8251-7932-7 1,428 pages $25.00/Student

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